Food Processing Plants

Precision Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, LLC is an all inclusive service partner that is a one-stop partner for all your refrigeration and HVAC needs.
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Food Processing Plants

Precision Refrigeration uses natural refrigerants resulting in very low GWP.  We specialize in sustainable solutions at every step in the food supply chain: farming, processing, packaging, distribution, and storage. We work closely with our customers to design and install systems that not only meet their production needs but is positive impact on the overall environment.


Alta Dena Dairies

Precision Refrigeration has helped deliver several projects throughout the last couple of years to implement state-of-the-art controls on a variety of cooler spaces. Utilizing propylene glycol and ammonia heat exchanges we created a cold dock that allows all of the ammonia to stay within the footprint of the refrigeration machinery room thereby limiting the overall inventory of the ammonia charge.


We provide service and construction projects to a variety of bakeries nationwide. Including ground up design build of a new facility including a 1800 ton ammonia refrigeration system.


Precision Refrigeration provides specialty service to this industry. In the design phase careful consideration needs to be given for the humidity sensitivity of vegetables and fruits. We have the experience and expertise to create to correct indoor atmosphere for these products to stay fresh.

Example: Simmons

Baker Refrigeration (Precision Refrigeration Partner) designed and installed the ammonia refrigeration system for a new green field poultry processing plant in Benton County, AR. The system consists of over 4,300 tons of refrigeration capacity. VSD compressors were used on each of the (3) suctions for energy savings.  Some of the features include a glycol compressor oil cooling system for heating process hot water utilizing the compressor waste heat and a 320,600-gallon cold water storage tank for holding 38F water for bird chiller filling. A custom refrigeration control system allows the system to maximize efficiency by constantly monitoring load requirements and adjusting evaporator, compressor, and condenser capacities which all employ VSD technology.