Precision Refrigeration & Air Conditioning, LLC is an all inclusive service partner that is a one-stop partner for all your refrigeration and HVAC needs.
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Whether you are designing a system to replace an obsolete chiller plant, upgrading facilities to meet new building codes, or planning a new construction from the ground up, Precision Refrigeration can help. We have a proven track record of design and engineering excellence with industrial refrigeration and air conditioning systems. Our experienced engineers always apply cutting edge technologies to design complete system including load calculations, equipment specifications, control requirements, and energy prerequisites. We guarantee that the solution we design will be state-of-the-art and energy efficient, and help you achieve lower operations costs.

Our clients include food processing plants, beverage plants as well as cold storage, pharmaceutical and military facilities. We have combined knowledge of over 200 years of refrigeration system design experience. It is this deep knowledge of refrigeration solutions that makes Precision Refrigeration your number one choice to ensure you are getting a system that best suits “your” needs, is serviceable and sustainable.

We have completed work throughout the US and understand the critical role that the refrigeration system plays in delivering your product to your customers. It is our vast experience and knowledge that allows us to efficiently resolve unexpected problems as they arise. We are one of the largest industrial refrigeration companies in the US. Typical services include:


  • Design-Build Systems
  • Greenfield Installations
  • Modernization
  • CAD Drafting and 3D Coordination